Getting ready to freak out!!

19th November, 2010

While having my first meal of the day at 4 in the evening, it occurred to me that it was high time- I should have started to pack my stuff- if not already done with it. I would be travelling on Sunday Morning to attend my friend’s wedding. Am I excited..? I had quickly fixed some yellow rice with stir fried veggies. I wanted to have eggs too. So I decided that I would do something that I had never done so far. I prepared poached eggs!!

You can see it here, it turned out well. For all these years, I have been sharing this recipe with others; too reluctant to try it out myself. All you have to do is break the egg on a bowl of Boiling water, a little carefully- so you don’t run the yolk too.

I anyways regard an egg to be a delicacy. I experiment with the white and orange wonder in more ways than those described in KS to “unite”. I squeal my delighted screams after I gulp those whole still soft orange balls of joy! As if..

Jokes apart, I have come to realize that my “habit” of eating raw onions and the liking of pungent bulb is seriously under a threat by my ever growing fondness to eat eggs.. err cooked ones i.e., LOLsss

After polishing a plateful of golden rice with rare stones and a glass bowl of pearly white and two orange gemstones egg poach, I decided that I need to start packing before it’s too late. More than my dresses, those would be my toiletries, make- up and first- aids.

I have taken out my printed tops to be worn along with my denim skirts. Although I have lost a few inches; still, draping a sari is not happening this time! Even the tops I designed to get tailor- stitched, are in waiting. I guess I would look better in those in another 15 days time. Hopefully, moving out for a few days would bring about that shedding in faster.

The pigeons I have been watching are also frequenting my bed- room terrace more than they used to. It’s been over a month that I have been watching this couple. Let’s see what they make out of their pairing. I have been clicking their snap- shots ever since I noticed them.

So now I am off with the packing of my stuff. I need to pick my shoes, and co- ordinated accessories too. See you around soon..

Wishing you all a lovely weekend ahead..!!


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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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5 Responses to Getting ready to freak out!!

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  2. 2zpoint says:

    As a sense of humor when some one asks me how I’m doing I refer to my state of being in terms of cooked egg. Usually I’m sunny side up, occasionally scrambled on my rough days, and thankful I’m usually not poached because that would mean…I was in hot water(slang for being in trouble). Just fun stuff! take care.

    • Olivia says:

      I like the state of being, being compared with the way eggs are done..
      Sunny side up.. always.. at times scrambled.. hahaha

      Thank you so much for stopping by.. It feels wonderful when special ones stop by to wish.. 🙂
      Love xxx

  3. sauravluk9 says:

    Feeling hungry…just by going through it.

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