Discarding the stinking threads behind

Like a stale curry..

It was after a week almost that I “lived” a normal (read: mundane) day today. I am so used to my regular day, home- bound for most of the days; that I start to panic if made to live other- wise.

I had started to feel home sick even before I had started to pack my stuff for that travel!

A fore warning maybe..

I missed the winter chills for 6 l-o-n-g days that Delhi (New Delhi- India) is so (in)-famous for..

..And that’s an understatement. I felt so human after a week’s time-

  • I was glad to watch My Pigeons

=> Watching those ruffling, stuffed up pigeons
=> I missed their “ghoonrh- ghoonrh” sound, waking me up at 7 am (what an un- earthy hour to wake up- Yawn..)
=> Their perching the bird baths and sipping water..

  • Surviving the abnormally prolonging power- cuts

=> No FB
=> No blog
=> No gmail..

  • My boss breathing down on my neck at work (grrr.. !#@%$@&%$@)

=> Anytime I try to tell him that he ought to know a few basics about operating the Computer- he screams that that’s “clerical”.. WHATEVER!!!!!!
=> Hence the very big confusion between what he wants and how that’s to achieve..

  • My maid arguing incorrigibly

=> She seems to keep missing the logic.. thick headed i.e.
=> Trying to be nice while reflecting upon how much she cares for me!
=> Her preparing the morning coffee, and late morning tea, and innumerable tea-s through out the day..

  • My Computer system

=> With mega speakers ( 😀 )
=> Wide screen

  • My S_P_A_C_E____________

=> Absolutely no one that I have to be cordial with..
=> Solitude Vodka Drinks..
=> Attaining the super state of Bliss (drunk and high and yet balanced.. “wth..!!” can’t I be a lil reckless..?)
=> Watching Television by myself..

  • Proper food..!!

=> I appreciate proper meals at proper time.

  • Waking up lazily by 9… errr 10..am.. 🙂

=> Sipping a hot beverage soon after waking up!
=> Moving around the house, till I feel more human or myself (whichever comes later.. 😛 )

Most importantly- (being in) MY HOME

I stay self- contained and contented too. I am glad to learn this about myself that nothing outwardly could change my state of being at bliss at all times. More than anything else, I am so loving to learn that I am so balanced at balancing things around me..!! Just about nothing can throw me off- balance.

I have really discovered my true self once again.

This is how I am- completely undeterred and untouched. It’s not at all about taking things in one’s own stride; but is about being able to “judge” how important something is! I am just beyond my self to observe the fact that I have once again attained the state of being at super- bliss; acting (or reacting) almost like being “arrogant.”

I never let the (mundane) things affect me at all..

It may sound being highly arrogant and indifferent..

Yes and more than that- I don’t let the “mere” things affect me. For over 2 years, I had sulked and whined- for all the reasons mentioned in my blog. I am loving myself that I have become my ownself yet one more time- not letting the “pathetic” things ruin my day (or days to come)! I am just surprised at my ability to be chirpy about the things to come, instead of sulking at how things had been.

This year couldn’t be any better.

I am so indebted to learn that I have attained the state of being at being completely indifferent. It wasn’t this- till about a few months back. I used to be brooding most of the times. If not crying, then sulking or being completely pseudo.. I would keep pondering at “why Me..?”

There’s a fine line between “coming to terms” and “falling in prey to the situations and hence giving in”.

I believe (almost in arrogance), that I excel in differentiating and acting upon it as my response..!! My instincts tell upon me even before the thing casts its shadow.

It’s not about “accepting” it but using “it” to your advantage-

I love to make it as my learning so well that I tend to appreciate the “repercussions” instead of complaining about missing the could have been “good” experience. Perhaps, I am so used to take the bitter outcomes as my forte instead of sulking.. I am loving the change in Me. I wasn’t my ownself only till a few months back. I used to sulk and brood about how things had gone so pathetically wrong!

I am no longer bothered about anything that is best to be forgotten!

If at all, I am still keeping the best of the things to be remembered with me, in my mind; the rest: erased- deleted- as if that never happened!!

This year has been as good as it could be-

=> Bringing out the best in me,
=> Of Me..

To all of you..

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year..

I hope I made sense @ 8 large drinks with soda at almost bottoms up in less than 2 hours.. 🙂

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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9 Responses to Discarding the stinking threads behind

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  2. Bodhirose says:

    So happy you are enjoying the change in your consciousness–go with it! You are fortunate to be rising above “the little things” that can sometimes bring us down– wallowing in “silliness”. I’m feeling happy for the joy you are experiencing. 🙂

    My best to you always, Olivia! Have a happy new year and all the years that follow.

    Much love,

    • Olivia says:

      🙂 Initially it required some conscious thinking and rationalizing. It doesn’t anymore. No sooner I see something that ought to be discarded, I react as if that never happened. Completely unfettered and indifferent..

      Yes, these very little things do bring us down. We tend to keep ourself attached to the past stances so much that we forget to look forward.. 🙂

      Thank you for your warm wishes.. Sending the same to you too..
      Loads of Love n wishes xoxox

  3. What a week, eh? I actually felt a bit rushed reading about it. LOL! – Tell your boss to get over it. Even company presidents have to be computer literate now. Wow! Grow-up little boy.

    Love the illustration.

    Stay in the bliss, my girl.

    Happy heart.


    • Olivia says:


      Trust me, I am still trying to regain my balance. I am so attached to the things at my home and around me that even a little change makes me go off- balance.

      Of course I got to feel the sand with my feet, I was equally missing my daily Life. I am glad that I am back in no time..

      Loads of Love to you too.. xoxox

  4. Sumit Sarkar says:

    Enjoy to the fullest…
    Happy New Year in advance 🙂

  5. Rajlakshmi says:

    wow quite an interesting week you had 😀
    i am missing winters… it still feels like summer here…
    wish you too a very happy new year 🙂

    • Olivia says:


      I could barely wait to feel the chill running through my spine making me feel cold like a dead- lolss
      Mind my asking where are you placed..?

      Thankyou so much for your wishes..

      Love xox

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