The Third Wish!

Disclaimer: This post talks about super- natural elements. Please proceed at your own risk.

The weather’s become pleasant now-a-days, it stays partially cloudy, sunny n cold and even rains at times. This is how it has been since a few weeks now.

This was one such day a few years back when this young couple was out playing cricket. The young couple often spent their evenings screaming after the rolling ball. It had rained the whole night and was slightly misty even in the afternoon. The guy was pretty excited since no kids were out and he had the entire connecting road to himself. Doused in his merriment, he had hit the ball darn hard. The ball had landed inside the nearby abandoned building crashing the glass down. The houses here have one wall made up of glass door and window partitions. The ball- hit had brought the entire glass down of that aluminium door frame. It was pitch dark inside.

The couple not knowing about anything decided to go there and see around for themselves. They weren’t aware of that fact that that was an abandoned flat. They would apologize if they see someone or else just get the ball and continue playing as no one’s business; they had thought. Upon stepping inside, they saw there was an old bottle crashed at its neck with the cork still intact with the broken part. It was dark and hazy and a man was sat on a rocking chair.

Suddenly it was all lit. Clearing the smoke gushing out of the bottle, they noticed that the house was beautifully done. That man on that chair was equally handsome! His face sported a careless frown as he rocked sitting on the chair.

“So, was it you who had flung in this ball..?” he held out his palm to the couple- with the ball sitting atop.

“Yes.. sorry about it.. we had no idea that.. we would pay for the glass..” The couple fumbled.

The man had stopped rocking then. He looked at the couple and said that he was a genie! He was happy to have been released after some 30,000 years, but was equally depressed since the era he was released in wasn’t that beautiful! Being a genie, he also promised to grant 3 wishes. His only condition was that he would keep the 3rd one to himself!

Hurriedly the couple had thought about what all they could ask for. After much hushed discussions, the man asked for a house in every big city of the world.

“poof..” His wish was granted.

The woman had wanted savings account in her name in every possible bank in the world..

Another “poof..” Her wish too was granted.

It was then genie’s turn to talk about his wish! Throwing a casual look on the lady, he said that it had been a long since he had enjoyed some- how about leaving the lady back for sometime? He also assured that she would be home before long and safe.

The couple had started thinking. They were pleasantly surprised at how things had become different for them within a few minutes. Moreover, the genie was quite attractive to look at.

“Oh, you can have you ball back. Don’t bother about the glass either. I can fix it in no time.”

So genie was a nice guy! The man rushed the lady into it, showing her all the reasons why she should give in. Leaving beside all her inhibitions, the lady had agreed to stay back, i.e., with the genie. The man had gone home thinking that that was no return for all that genie had done.

A few hours later and after a very good time spent together, while the lady was lazying up on genie’s arm, he happen to talk to her.

“So, what does you man do..?”

“He is an engineer..”

“Well read.. hunh? What is his age..?”

“He would be 35 this month..”

“………….and he still believes in genie?”

This has remained with me ever since I had read a forwarded email back in 2002, when I worked with Hutch (now Vodaphone) This has become my pet joke since then.

Anyone feeling bad for the lady? She now lives with the genie himself in his house!

– Happy Ending –


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4 Responses to The Third Wish!

  1. My dear girl, you do spin them! 🙂 Wonderful!

    Enjoyed my visit with you tonight. Blog on ….

    Thanks for your work for JP.

  2. Bodhirose says:

    Hahaha–wow, this one took me by surprise! How funny! That was quite a twist at the end.


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