The Garlic Shuttle

Being a Sunday morning today, my domestic wasn’t around. I had to ready the water for coffee on my own. Some noise had disturbed my sleep. What an unearthly hour to wake up at 8.30am!

Summer is already around. Mornings are still somewhat bearable. Musing about the luxury of sipping a hot beverage in cold weather, I had stepped inside the kitchen.

That weird noise was more pronounced in there. These 1st floor guys are so restless. Ever since they have shifted here, they’ve hardly been quiet. Banging almost every door at odd hours seems to be their hobby. Muttering under my breath I went to floss. That noise was no more heard in sporadic interval. It had grown to become a constant buzz! It must be the breeze. It’s so darn bad in noon even now in early March; it feels as if it’s May already or maybe even April.. The same cool breeze turns itself like some desert storm.

I splashed my face with some more cold water. Soon it would become difficult to run the tap water because of the temperature.

Nevermind! It’s Coffee time.

What the heck! Why didn’t the maid put the garlic bulbs in the hanging basket? One forgetful, careless and deaf woman I have almost adopted- that she is. But these weren’t there when I had sat the water to boil.

“Quick! Get into the pod!”

How could a garlic pod refer to a pod peel as the pod?

Wait! Did I hear the pod talking?

That’s exactly what happens when you watch too many sci- fi movies, back to back with extra dose of Ben 10 thrown in!

While pouring the hot water over the coffee powder in the mug, I noticed some of the pods were zipping their peels on them.

I couldn’t believe that was happening again.

The pods lay scattered across the kitchen table. This was certainly not how it was when I had first stepped in there. Within a few seconds the pods were assembled as a bulb. I must have lost my mind; I saw the stick glowing too! The bulbs stood still on the roots which supported the garlic to stand erect.

“We are ready to leave!”

Crash, they break the kitchen window glass and fly away!


My cellphone alarm woke me up. It was set for 9.30am so I would have half hour before getting ready to watch Ben 10.

I smiled recalling the dream sequence. I sit some water for my coffee. The garlic bulbs lay scattered on the kitchen table. It seemed that my domestic indeed had forgotten to hang those in the basket. Pigeons had already emptied the bird bath. I opened the veranda glass door to step out to refill their bucket.


One of the garlic space-ship went past my head. I had begun to imagine things by then. Or maybe not! Almost at once, all the garlic bulbs started to spin over the kitchen table. The spinning seemed to raise the bulb making them ready to fly.

One by one, they all zoomed past me..

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33 Responses to The Garlic Shuttle

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  2. Chloe says:

    Hi Olivia – I will never look at garlic in the same way! lols xx

  3. Leslie says:

    fun sci-fi fantasy!

  4. brian says:

    very nice olivia…this was delightful and playful…i could totally see it as one of those old sci fi movies

  5. Trellissimo says:

    Where were they zooming to? More! More!

  6. Deboshree says:

    Ha ha ha that must have been one dazzling experience.
    Maybe you need better rest and don’t they say being woken up by an alarm is unhealthy? Oh well, our bosses don’t care do they…

    Good luck with your garlic pods! 😀 😀

  7. Kavita says:

    heheheh…this super cute.. And a bit creepy too (you have to realize that I thinking flying garlic at like 4.30am!) 🙂
    I am gonna watch out for that sly bulb on my kitchen counter the next time I go to make tea.. which is in a few hours!

    LOVED this one, Liv!!! It was just what I need to read !! 😀

    • Olivia says:

      I thought I couldn’t do fiction then this!!! Crazy head that I am, I couldn’t think of anything else!
      Trust me- they won’t fly, their moves have been noted.. maybe I should have tried it this way: then I captured them and clipped their peels.. hahahaha

      Thanks Kavieees for loving it.. at 4.30 am, you need to call it a night- sleep tight!

  8. Isabel Doyle says:

    if only all garlic had zippers … and yes the heat is coming

  9. Tumblewords says:

    Amazing tale! Sailing garlic pods are a new item in my world. 🙂 Nice!

  10. Nimue says:

    haha !! i had so much fun reading this !!

  11. barbara says:

    Now that is some Sci Fi Garlic pods…..wonderful take Oliva…refreshing new look at garlic….really enjoyed it…bkm

  12. I really like how we get so many ideas out of one photo. Everyone interpreting it differently.

    viscous time

  13. Lyn says:

    The Garlic From Outer Space! Can’t wait to catch that one on Netflix..what an imagination..bravo!!

  14. Elaine Spall says:

    Very clever Olivia. A good write!

  15. Garlic has never been so forceful. nice one.

  16. Bodhirose says:

    I’ve never been so entertained by my garlic. Wow! What a tale–made me smile. xoxo

  17. Chrissy says:

    funny how out of all that, what truly resonated to me was the coffee…now I’m off to sip a cup of brew and contemplate how much garlic you must have eaten the night before to have such strange visions….? What a lovely imagination! 🙂

  18. danroberson says:

    The garlic pieces are flying off to Gilroy, California, USA for the garlic festival. There’re garlic foods of all kinds, garlic pies, garlic ice cream, and other strange garlic surprises. No, that’s not until the end of July. They must have urgent business elsewhere.

    • Olivia says:

      Garlic Ice- cream? I am really surprised- you got me!

      I love garlic but I am not sure if I would love the pies.. oh nevermind- lols

      Hugs xx

  19. Timoteo says:

    This was cute. Good title for a movie: The Attack Of The Killer Garlic Bulbs! (Thanks for the visit!)

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