My Writing and Women

Hindustan Times as it was then, had invited readers to write for a centre spread for Woman’s Day (perhaps) theme being “why I am proud to be a Woman”, in not more than a few lines. I was so excited (what for?). I had quickly compiled in a few sentences and given that to my Uncle Ashok for him to get it printed and post.

To my utter amazement, he had kept deleting or editing something till there were no more days left for that to be posted. He worked in American Center, next to HT Office. I don’t remember much of what the Post was like, but the last line read something like “there are woman who have done their respective Countries & womanhood so proud- Mother Teresa, Reita faria, Sushmita Sen, Aishwarya Rai, Indira Gandhi, Valentina Tereskova, Madam Curie, Rani Lakshmi Bai amongst the others; the list is endless..”

I may have included other names too- but don’t recall now. Anyways, he was then sternly told by mom not to include any of his redundant thoughts and get the final printout once for all, the way I had wanted to. As my fate would have it, on the eve of my English Boards, he had handed over the write-up and the printed envelope for me to sign on, and there it was, the last line was missing.. I silently taken the papers away, gone inside my room and torn them all. Mom taking my silence for contentment didn’t understand till late night as to what had happened. 2 days later i.e., when it was supposed to be printing the Reader’s View- the very 1st of the initiatives for Readers’ Writing In, I showed the paper to mom and she was more upset than I was. None of the articles posted were as strong as mine could have been. While I understand that I have no business commenting about others without any substantial evidence since I don’t have the cutting of the paper, I still reserve my rights to express my opinions without hurting anyone’s sentiments.

I vowed silently that may be someday I would write a detailed one on Womanhood and put across the media. Part of my wish is granted; I have started writing, majorly about woman & me. I now feel that I have been able to put across the stab on my heart, the wounds of which I tried to weave within the selection of words here; on my Blog for all to read.

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Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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