Weekend Joys with My Family Friends

It is only super- natural that I am being watched over.

The post that I pressed late last night or rather early this morning; is about an incident that had happened many years back. Although I would never want a similar situation to happen to me or any one else; I couldn’t ignore the strange similarity of someone watching over me. It is only a miracle that no sooner I had finished writing that post; I got to chat with 2 special friends.
Ruby too had read the post- almost the same time. I noticed that only in the morning.
Anjum chose not to return my phone call. I had called her up some 2 months back. Time has changed, maybe she too has..
Although I was and am on my own, I wasn’t left alone back then when that had happened, Thanks to Anjum. Even now, when I have typed that out, I was online with friends. So, even though Vodka had worn off, the high of I being surrounded by friends had kept me writing. It is only but natural to acknowledge a few friendships that I have earned very recently. Initially, I had sent an email since I had not wanted to disturb the chain of the posts. Now that I can take a break, I am pressing it here.
This is what I had posted in my email. The choice of colors have been keeping in mind their Blog Template and personal choice of colors while marking emails.. Should anybody be wanting any change, please notify; I would be humbled to incorporate your color suggestions.. 😀
Hi all,
Only a small gesture to say Thanks.. You girls have made a huge difference to my Life, Blog and Blogging Life.. I treasure your friendship and owe it to you all.. bigtime!!
– With Loads of Love  –
Posting it in a post will take some time since I don’t wish to kill the biography sequence- but sharing this couldn’t have waited..
Glad to be a Family with you all
~ Olivia

A few replies that I have received on the original email.

  • Jingle: Listen to music, do some other readings, have fun yourself.
  • Amanda: Liv, you are a special girl and I love you for doing this, for always being there to all of us and I treasure your friendship as well. I have been busy with other things and am back now and will go on FB more often also!! Thanks for being YOU, thanks for showering us with so much love and thanks for being family with us. I love you too!!!! Big hugs Mandy oxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
  • Lisa Hayes: Aw thanks Olivia! I’m glad you’re doing better. Sometimes all it takes are kind words and encouragement. Keep up the good work!
  • Jamie Dedes: Olivia, this is sooo you!  Thank you. It’s darling.  And you make a big difference to us …
  • Riika Infinity: Cute! haha~ Thank you so much!!!! Send hugs and kisses back XDXD Have a fun week ahead my friend. Love 😛
  • Kavita Rao: This is super sweet! Thank you so much Olivia!!! Wowwwiiiieeezzzz. Love you loads, girlie!! Have a beautiful Friday and a fantastic weekend!! mwaahh ~Kavz
  • Annie Welch: This is wonderful Olivia!!  I feel so cool to be considered part of this family!!! having a rough day… and connecting with you all makes me calm a bit.

Last but not the least- I am thankful to Destiny and to you all for catching me when I have just started to Blog- Love you all..

Ruby Sweetheart, This ones for you too. Girlie, I love you mega- bits xox

Dear Anjum, no matter wherever you be- may success be always yours. Anytime, you need me- I am only a call away..

With Loads of Love to all of you.. Happy Weekend!!

About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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16 Responses to Weekend Joys with My Family Friends

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  2. buttercup600 says:

    Thanks dearest Olivia, I will do that and ping you…hope your weekend will be an awesome one…lots of love and HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS oxoxoxo

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  4. frayedges says:

    Olivia, the new design is beautiful! I can tell you feel better, and I’m glad. 🙂

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  6. buttercup600 says:

    Liv, I do believe that the path of life’s to learn lessons as we go along…I also have read your path…and am happy that you have come out a stronger and beautiful woman. Thanks so much for this, you are a special soul and I am very happy to have met you in this virtual world!! Stay as you are my dear friend. Much love always!! Hugs xxxx

    • Olivia says:

      Mandies, thank you for reading my Blog. I know my biography is least bit interesting. If at all, it is very disturbing. My readers- both strangers and friends have reacted shocked.. But again, shouldn’t I say I am blessed to have them all again and at one place at the same time?
      I so believe that thoughts do create whirls in the universe to work towards achieving your desires.. Who know, some day soon we do get to meet too? Highly optimistic- eh?
      Loads of Lovies Sweetheart

      Enjoy your Sunday

  7. Jingle says:

    Thanks for the love,
    have a fun Saturday,
    tomorrow will get us busy again..


  8. Jamie Dedes says:

    Olivia, you are so clever and smart and generous. This is lovely. Truly. I am printing it out and putting it on my desk. It will be company and a smile … I will think of you and the others.

    We all have empty, lonely spaces inside … they are the little cracks in the cosmic egg where we connect with the Divine. Those are spaces to embrace …

    Live hugely, my dear friend.
    Have a wonderful weekend whatever you do.
    I have read your last post. I’m glad that’s in the past. Today is another day … and you are beautiful you …

    • Olivia says:

      My Dear wonderful friend Jamie,
      I am floored reading your beautiful words..

      You are right about that space inside. Only, we are scared to acknowledge it. The faster we do, the better we come to terms with that.

      Weekend definitely was fun- gotta post that soon. Yeah.. That was in past, memories are still in my present. But as I write them here, I am now becoming loose and light hearted. Today is definitely a new day- how else you think I manage to freak out every day.. You know what I mean 😉 My email ID is how I forced my destiny to change.
      One of my friend once asked me that how would that be to read an ID like that of mine when I maybe 80..To which I had answered that I would continue to remain a young girl.. new to life- giggling like a teenager. I had gone out to meet my ex- boss. It seemed I hadn’t changed a bit in last 13 years (so he said) ..LOLsss

      This was your wishes that I enjoyed my Saturday evening so well.. I am beautiful because I have a Beautiful You..


  9. You are not alone! We are here with you!=P And wonderful award love it!<3<3 Thank you for everything, Olivia, have a fun and enjoyable week ahead wherever you are!^^~

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